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Analytics Factory

The Analytics Factory is an offer aimed at customers who seek to abstract the acquisition and management of internal teams with a focus on Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence projects. 

Multiple Analytics demands at the same time

The Factory allows the customer to have several Squads for different demands, as well as different moments of the company.

This offer allows you to parallelize demands and pivot scope in an open, free and hassle-free way, all linked to a pool of hours previously acquired in 3 monthly models (360H/h, 480H/h 640H/h) All delivery management is on your behalf from Cognitivo, absorbing and understanding customer demands, as well as allocating the profiles necessary for this demand within our 700+ Data experts. 

what customers say


"Great combination of technical knowledge and business acumen. We've already done computer vision projects, pricing,'s my area of on-demand data"


"Cognitivo is my Analytics lung. My executive committee looks daily at a series of ML-based macroeconomic projections made by the factory"

"Not only do we use the AI factory to advance projects, but we also have the training front developing analytical skills"


“Our strategy is to develop, through Cognitivo, a strategic lung in the area of data science, strengthen our analytical skills and raise the level of how data assets are treated at the organization level, thus extracting all their potential value in favor of the business. In this way, we unite so that, together, the results appear effectively and in line with our vision of the future”

André Villamar, Data & Analytics Manager at Dexco.

start yourstructuringData with Cognitive

The creation of a Data lake by Cognitivo starts with the ingestion of data through integrations with the main data generating systems of our customers, later the evolution to the creation of repositories that can store large and varied raw data in native format. With data lakes, you'll get a raw view of your data.


This management strategy is increasingly used by companies that want a large holistic repository to store data. We have already carried out more than 40 projects of this type, bringing direct gains to operations through the exploration, centralization and display of data.


All data in one place for more powerdecision

A data warehouse is a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make better decisions.


Data flows from transactional systems, relational databases, and other sources into the data warehouse, typically at a regular cadence.

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