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Become an analytical competitor

With personalized and professional services with extensive knowledge of the universe of Data Structuring, Artificial Intelligence,  Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, we are able to help from customers who are still taking the first steps in the Data Driven journey to customers who have already become analytical competitors.

Your Data Driven consultancy

We start our process by defining strategies, mapping the analytical maturity index, identifying and choosing priority data opportunities through delivery and constant monitoring of results.

Cognitivo Consulting's Mission is to build transformation journeys with robustness and security, delivering innovation, productivity and value to the largest companies in the most varied segments.


We accompany you on your journey towards the Analytical Competition

Menos de 5% das organizações americanas alcançaram o estágio 5 - Competidores Analíticos

“Our strategy is to develop, through Cognitivo, a strategic lung in the area of data science, strengthen our analytical skills and raise the level of how data assets are treated at the organization level, thus extracting all their potential value in favor of the business. In this way, we unite so that, together, the results appear effectively and in line with our vision of the future”

André Villamar, Data & Analytics Manager at Dexco.

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