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Analytics Factory

The Analytics Factory is an offer aimed at customers who seek to abstract the acquisition and management of internal teams with a focus on Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence projects. 

Development of multi-sector data solutions

This offer allows you to parallelize demands and pivot scope in an open, free and hassle-free way, all linked to a pool of hours previously acquired in 3 monthly models (360H/h, 480H/h 640H/h).


Cognitivo is responsible for all delivery management, absorbing and understanding customer demands, as well as allocating the profiles necessary for this demand within our 700+ Data experts. 

From data to insight faster

We quickly form, from our marketplace of experts, squads that gather all the profiles necessary to execute the projects, in addition to the support and experience of the project area, which has already delivered more than 200 data projects.

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Data Science Journey

Definition of the business problem

What do we need to anticipate to make better decisions?

Based on the forecast, what actions should I take?

Which indicator do I want to impact?


Data Tables, Histograms, Box Plot, Scatter Plot, Five-Number Summary, Outlier Analysis

Creation of the baseline model

Deployment and maintenance

Integration with data sources,  retraining routine, purge

of the data

Access to historical bases that describe the problem (ERP, CRM, Production, …)


machine learning

Cycle of training, testing, evaluation, adjustment

Model Infrastructure and Support

Integration with data sources,  retraining routine, purge

Data preparation

Attribute book definition, cleansing, synthetic variables

Creation of ABT

Visualization and communication

Output Dashboards

“Our strategy is to develop, through Cognitivo, a strategic lung in the area of data science, strengthen our analytical skills and raise the level of how data assets are treated at the organization level, thus extracting all their potential value in favor of the business. In this way, we unite so that, together, the results appear effectively and in line with our vision of the future”

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