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Our Dashboards

Our mission is to help our customers become data-driven by developing customized technical projects to solve their business challenges. With data visualization it is possible to tell these “stories” in a simplified and visually attractive way.


Thus, it is possible to quickly identify which information has a really relevant meaning for decision making, planning, development of strategies and actions.

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Project Name

Development of a dropout predictor model for HEIs with a strong presence in Southeast Brazil. The success of the AI trained at EAD was so great that it brought historic records for re-enrollment rates and savings of R$350K/month.

Project Name

Creation of logistical dashboards for making both operational and strategic decisions about the area. This made it possible to maximize customer satisfaction by reducing delivery times.

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Project Name

 Data construction for Call Center operations  from various data sources (Systems, Dw's or Data Lake)

Project Name

We created a data environment connected to the "Stilingue" tool, which gathers information from publications from all social networks in a single place (a service known as social listening).


In this way, it was possible to make the main metrics and KPIs available in an automatically updated PowerBI-rendered dashboard, which started to guide the marketing decisions of Almap and some of its customers.

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